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Pharmacy FAQs

Why must patients notify the Pharmacy to fill a prescription the provider sent over?
We are a non-profit and must use our funds wisely. We cannot afford to fill prescriptions that patients are not ready for and have that medication sitting on the shelf waiting to be picked up. It only takes a minute to stop by the drop off window or call and let us know you are ready for your prescription to be filled. Better yet if you call a day or two ahead for refills we can be sure that we have your medication in stock.
Why do I have to present identification to pick up some medications?
Federal Law requires that we see and record information from a state or federally issued identification card when you pick up a controlled substance. This information has to be reported to DHEC Controlled Substances.
Do I get a discount at the Pharmacy if I qualify for the sliding Fee Discount?
YES, the discount carries over to the pharmacy and also may qualify patients to use our in-house Drug Assistance programs through Pfizer’s Sharing the Care and Astra Zeneca’s AZ&Me programs.
I Can Get $4 Generics At Other Pharmacies. Do You Have $4 Generics At SFHC’s Pharmacy?
YES, we have the same generic medications as the BIG BOX stores on our list plus some additional medications as well.
Why Do I Have To Have A Prescription For Over The Counter Medications?
Items filled from a prescription do not have sales tax associated with them. This saves us and patients having to pay sales tax.
What Is 340B?
340B is a section of the Veterans Administration bill that allows us to buy medications at a discounted price in order to pass savings along to our patients. That restricts us to filling prescriptions only for SFHC patients written by our providers or specialists that we refer patients to. That is why we cannot fill prescriptions written in the Emergency Department but we can fill hospital discharge prescriptions.
What If I Have Insurance?
We take all insurances including Medicaid (including all the HMOs) and Medicare part D plans. Sometimes we can even save you money if you elect not to use your insurance if your copay is more than we charge for the prescription on our cash pay discount. Using our pharmacy, even when you have insurance, also allows us to put the money we make for filling your prescriptions back into the health center to provide programs and necessities for YOU.
What If I Have Medicare But Not A Part D Plan?
We can help you determine if having a Part D plan that is right for you and which one best suits your prescription needs.
Why Does It Sometimes Take More Than 15 Minutes To Fill My Prescription?
Most of the time we can fill uncomplicated, cash refills in less than 15 minutes. However, if there is insurance or another third party payer involved sometimes they become more time consuming. We try not to inconvenience anyone with long wait times but we do want to make sure you get the BEST pharmaceutical care possible so we make sure we spend enough time to get it right.